About us

About us

We are a dedicated and passionate team of energetic, creative women who are mothers, fashionistas and stylists. We are appreciative of well-made, beautiful garments from natural materials that fit and flatter. We also love the idea of matching outfits! All of our families have sported fantastic matching clothes on many occasions, because we like to talk the talk and walk the walk!

We have created Matching Style to bring the same joy and fun of dress-up to you. We connect families, couples and friends with the perfect matching outfits, no matter the occasion. Whether you are looking for a couple outfit, a “mommy and me” outfit, a casual family outing matching style, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered!

The highest quality, comfort and appeal of garments and accessories on Matching Style is our top priority. All our items are versatile and can be worn many times. We carefully select each item and “test-drive” most of the clothes you see in our shop, making sure they correspond to our strict quality standards and are a pleasure to wear.

We are based out of Prague, the Czech Republic.

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The team

Anastasia Gololobova, Co-Founder and Head Stylist

Hi, I’m Anastasia, the co-creator and head stylist at Matching Style! I have dreamed of becoming a stylist for as long as I can remember, but my path towards my dream profession took some twists and turns. I was first educated in law and worked in the field for many years before getting married and starting a family. When my third child was born, I realized that I couldn’t urge my kids to follow their dreams if I did not follow my own — and so my journey began, with the full support of my husband and children. For several years now, I have been helping people to find their style, develop their own fashion sense and enjoy choosing the right clothes for themselves and their families.

In my own family, we love matching outfits and go for them in many, many situations. It can be as simple as giving all my children red hats to easily spot them in the crowd or choose matching accessories for our evenings out together. My husband and I love having matching things too — watches, bags, scarves. Years ago we both owned matching heart-shaped keychains that reminded us of our love and our bond whenever we were apart. We still keep both of them as family treasures! This is why starting Matching Style with Anna was a dream come true for me, both as a stylist and a lover of all things that go so well together.


Anna Bakova, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development

I’m Anna, the co-owner of Matching Style and the proud parent of the little model Anna whom you can see on many product photos in our store! My husband Milan and I live in Prague, the wonderful medieval city in Europe. We are both family people, passionate about keeping our big families together, connecting and having fun in meaningful and active ways. We love casual sports like golf, yachting and chess, as well as going out together and with friends.

Anna, our baby daughter, already recognizes different fashion choices we make as her parents and enjoys dressing in things that resemble ours. She is partial to boho-chic and classical styles, just like we are! Whenever we go out together, each member of our family puts on a matching accessory or even a full matching outfit: marine prints for our yachting sessions, complementary matching outfits for parties with friends, matching business meeting looks for myself and my husband. Plus, we all love matching watches and bags!

Matching our outfits has begun as a hobby for us, but it has grown into the passion that I am now fuelling into Matching Style. I cannot wait to share with you the many tips and tricks we as a family discovered along the way!