Matching outfits for family outings and parties

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Spending time with your family comes in many forms. While a variety of activities qualify as “family time”, a big one is definitely family outings, whether you are going somewhere public to be with your family or are attending a celebration or a party you’ve all been invited to. Parties and friendly get-togethers are a great time to whip out your favorite matching outfits or simply start experimenting with matching accessories or matching styles, if you are new to the whole “matching family look” game!

Your family attends a lot of different events, from small, intimate ones to big and crowded celebrations. In every situation there is room for self-expression and fashion experimentation no matter how small your children are or how conservative fashion-wise your spouse may be.

No matter what social occasion you are dressing up for, matching outfits do not always mean identical clothes, far from it! Similar styles, fabrics, colors — it is first and foremost a way to express yourself as a family, as a couple, when you are out together. If one of you isn’t down to wear matching outfits, do not force them — compromise and experiment instead. Choose the same color for your outfits. Pick similar-style accessories, watches, scarves. The individuality of each family member is the most important aspect of matching outfits, so please allow everyone to express themselves, including yourself and your children. Be yourself and let your clothes tell your story! The whole point of matching family outfits is to have fun and feel happy while you are together to strengthen your family bond.

If you are new to matching looks and outfits, start small. Share some of your accessories with your family members or your partner. If a member of your family likes piercings, wear items from one set — the mother and son with identical skull-shaped ear studs would look fun and a bit edgy! Inside jokes and items that have a secret meaning bring families together. Mom and daughter could wear earrings from Grandma’s jewelry box — single studs and solo earrings are very trendy today.

When it comes to clothing, the easiest way to match your style is to settle on one color or one print. If the event you are going to is casual and has no dress code, wearing the same-color T-shirts with different prints or choosing tops with identical prints, but in different colors is a sure-fire way to highlight your individuality while allowing you to stand out as a family.

If all your family members love completely opposite things and wear styles that are hard to match, don’t despair! Going for subtlety in accessories-matching could help. For example, a bowtie and a bandana with the same pattern or color is one of many ways to match your outfit to your family’s. Dressing up your child in clothes that “borrow” from styles of Mom and Dad is another way: for example, an outfit in black and white, like Mom, with dress pants, like Dad.

When it comes to more everyday accessories that we all wear — socks, belts, scarves —  you have a lot of options as well. If the weather demands you wear shoes with socks, find fun pairs with similar or identical prints for the whole family. Aim for similarity in prints for other accessories as well — match kids’ suspenders to Daddy’s belts, your daughter’s hair accessories to Mommy’s headbands — sky's the limit!

All of the above are great starting points for dressing your family up for a party or a special event. Going out as a family is a fun (and sometimes rare) occasion, so enjoy it to the fullest and play around with matching clothes and accessories. You will be the centre of attention and get many compliments regardless of the style you choose, guaranteed. It goes without saying that your family will also look great in the event’s photos. Wearing matching outfits as a family is an easy way to stand out in photo shoots, be it wedding photo shoots, birthday party photos or your own family shoots for family albums. These are the memories with your family that you will treasure for a lifetime.

In sum, playing around with matching styles, clothes, accessories and colors is a fun game that will allow you to get to know your loved ones better, learn of their preferences, tastes and likes. Knowledge begets understanding! From all of us at Matching-Style.Com, we wish you endless love and happiness, fun in experimentation and bonding with your loved ones.

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