Feeling the warmth of winter holidays in Christmas matching outfits

Christmas is a magical and sentimental time for me, the time of the whole family gathering together, my parents enjoying time with their grandchildren, me crying over the same scenes in Christmas movies. My favorite one is a scene from the 2003 comedy View From The Top, the one in which Ted brings Donna to his family Christmas gathering and she receives the gift of the same Christmas sweater as his whole family is wearing.

Isn’t it just so inspiring? Such a sweet family tradition to put on warm red Christmas sweaters every year and feel connected to each other! Our everyday lives are often full of hassle and stress, and only at Christmastime we may finally relax with our loved ones. We may get cozy by a fireplace, chat about something simple or life-changing, express love and affection, recount our favorite family anecdotes and let our children feel that their adult family members will always stand by their side. They will always have their home, while their family traditions will always carry on no matter what happens in the world at large.

Five years ago, while having some similar thoughts, I asked Santa for our first Christmas sweatshirts, matching hats and scarves for the whole family, including our grandparents. Santa didn’t let me down! The gift of matching Christmas clothes made that winter holiday celebration especially sweet, touching and memorable, not to mention comfy. We held a special family photoshoot and couldn’t stop taking photos for hours!

Since then, our matching Christmas family look has evolved. We experiment with matching hairstyles, matching cardigans, jewelry and more versatile accessories, and even matching aprons for cooking the Christmas dinner! ‘Tis the season so very soon, and I feel the warmth of Christmas magic already. Guess what my family is going to get from Santa this year?..

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